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Nancy thomas, lpc-intern

Intakes are $90, Family and couple sessions are $85, and ongoing 45 minute sessions are $65

Contact nancy AT 972-698-5714 OR

Our phones are often answered by our therapists themselves.  As a result, we cannot always answer the phone when it rings.  To help new clients schedule appointments as easily as possible, we are now offering the ability to schedule appointments online with SOME of our therapists.  If the therapist you are interested in is not listed or none of the times work, you can still call our main line or our therapists directly. 

If you plan to utilize insurance, please be certain that the therapist you choose has it listed.  Each therapist is different and some accept insurance plans that others do not accept.

Pay close attention to the appointment times the therapist has available.  Although therapists may have alternate slots available, they are typically around the same days/times.  For example, if you need a morning appointment and the therapist has only evening appointments available, it is unlikely that you will be able to schedule a morning appointment in the future.  If you are unsure or need a time that isn’t listed, the best thing to do is contact the therapist directly!

For detailed information about pricing or our sliding scale, please contact our main line or the therapist directly.

Lastly, if you are an established patient looking to schedule online, please speak with your therapist about how to do so!

please read the following before scheduling online!

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Set appointments online

Clients who wish to pay privately may schedule with the therapists below:

Catherine boynton, lmft-associate

Intakes are $80, Family and couple sessions are $80, and ongoing 45 minute sessions are $55

Contact catherine AT 214-549-6512 or